Welcome to the Mill Creek Library. Our library is staffed by Mrs.
Beanie Send, with support from volunteers.
In 2014 we made some big changes to our library. We now have a
dedicated classroom space right in the library. Mrs. Send will be
teaching students how to use a library and how to conduct research,
all while supporting the IB Learner Profile and mission.
Students also are read to and taught about quality literature. We
focus heavily on award winning  books.
The library conducts two Book Fairs a year, one in the fall and one
during March is Reading Month. This is our main source of income. We
are always in need of volunteers to help set up and run the book
The position of librarian is a part time position so Mrs. Send is not
always in the library. The library is always looking for volunteers
for many different reasons, to help out during library class, help
shelving books, repairing books, preparing projects, creating displays
The Mill Creek Library continues to strive to be a place of learning
as well as developing a love and appreciation of books.
If you have any questions you can always contact Mrs. Send at or stop on in the library.