Integrated Pest Management

  • Schools Responsibility (Written Plan) — Read it here
  • Letter to Parents — Read it here
  • Staff Information:
    • Please report all spills to the building custodian for immediate cleanup.
    • Please take all empty pop cans, open food packages, and candy home daily.

These are important steps in the development and success of our Integrated Pest Management.

Head Lice

In the classroom: Please contact the Custodial/Maintenance Department at 264-6987.

Michigan Head Lice Manual

Electrical Plugs

If you are using electrical equipment and the ground prong has been removed from the plug, contact the Maintenance Department at 264-6987. Do not use the piece of equipment until the cord or ground plug has been repaired or replaced.

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Safety Tips

When hanging student projects on the walls or decorating your classrooms, please do not stand on chairs, student desks, or tables. Always use an approved step ladder.

Always be cognizant of changes in a student’s behavior and any change in breathing, or other health problems that may occur from allergic reactions to plants and animals.

Plants in the classroom

It is important to know the name of the plant and any possible side affects. A child might put a leaf, or part of the plant in his/her mouth. Do not over water plants, as mold will grow and extra moisture in the bottom will draw insects. Keep all plants away from unit vents, the falling leaves will be drawn into the unit and possibly cause allergic reactions. Take daily care of the plant, checking the soil and plant for insect infestation. Remove all dead branches, leaves, etc., from the plant. Pick up all leaves from the floor as they can stain the carpet. All plants must be taken home unless they can be checked daily, during holidsy, vacations and summer recess. For adding color to your classroom, artificial plants are a good option. Articles: Poisonous House Plants.

Animals in the classroom

The building principal must approve all animals brought into the school or classroom; including weekends and holidays. The owner must bring in a current shot record and health record from a veterinarian. Copies will be kept on file. All caged animals must be brought home during holidays, vacations and summer recess. Articles: Animal Bites.

Handwashing Information

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Facilities Use

Maintenance/Custodial Department Personnel
Facilities Usage Application
Facilities Usage Guidelines