These rules apply to any school transportation 

  1.  The bus driver is in charge.
  2. Students will be seated as directed by the driver and may be assigned a seat.
  3. Students need to be seated quickly upon entering the bus.
  4. Students are expected to sit three (3) in a seat when needed.
  5. Students are to remain in their seats at all times, unless directed by the driver to move.
  6. Only bring items aboard the bus that you can hold in your lap.
  7. Items not allowed in school are not allowed on the bus. This includes skateboards, skies and roller blades, etc. (with the exception of gaming systems at the parent’s or driver’s discretion).
  8. Keep the bus aisles and emergency exits clear at all times.
  9. No foul or inappropriate language/behavior is allowed.
  10. Yelling, loud voices or horseplay is not permitted on the bus.
  11. Eating or drinking on the bus is at Driver’s discretion.
  12. Help keep the bus clean. Put all trash in the trashcan.
  13. You must get on and off at your designated bus stop.
  14. Students need to be at their designated bus stop 5 to 10 minutes before scheduled pickup time and ready to load the bus not waiting in vehicles or house when the bus arrives (This is for THEIR SAFETY).
  15. Students are not allowed to switch bus if they are late for the bus.
  16. Students are asked to respect the surrounding property, such as mailboxes, grass, or landscaping at homes near bus stops (entering others property is trespassing). Students are to wait on the sidewalks or driveways only.
  17. Students are to be alert for traffic when boarding or leaving the bus. They are to cross the road only from a position at least ten feet in front of the bus and only on the driver’s hand signal.
  18. Students who are riding the bus to a different bus stop are required to have a signed note from a parent and given to the School Office. Office designee will provide a bus pass to that student to give to the driver.


Students violating bus rules will receive a conduct warning, issued through school. Continuing to violate the bus rules would lead to a suspension from the bus, as determined by the Transportation Office and or the School.


  1. To insure that your child arrives at the correct stop 5 to 10minutes before bus time.
  2. The safety, shelter and supervision of students at school bus stop locations are a parent/guardian responsibility.
  3. To provide necessary protection for your child when going to and from the bus stop.
  4. To accept joint responsibility with school authorities for proper bus conduct of your child while riding the bus and at the bus stop.
  5. To be sure that your child is properly dressed for the weather.
  6. To make a reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with those responsible for pupil transportation.
  7. To explain to your child that a bus may take a different route on occasion and not to be upset. They will arrive at their bus stop or school.
  8. Kindergartners or younger MUST be met at the bus stop by, the parent or designee, or they will be returned to school.


Please go over the above rules with your child(ren). Fill out the portion below to acknowledge that these rules are understood by you and your child(ren).

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