– The Anishnaabek were the original inhabitants. Native Americans lived in a village beside Yuba Creek.
1852 First settlers built a log home.
1859 Committee formed to start a school.
1869 East Bay District #2 purchased land from Lydia King.
1870 Construction began on the Yuba one-room schoolhouse.
1901 School added a second classroom.
1964 Yuba school is closed.
1965 Annexed to Elk Rapids Schools.
1981 Elk Rapids Schools gave a 99 year lease to Yuba Women’s Club.
ER approved giving the 99-year lease to Yuba Heritage Society.
1987 Yuba Heritage Society agreed to transfer lease to Acme Township.
1988 Acme Township paid for a new porch with wheelchair ramp.
1989 Acme Civic Association paid for painting the building and a new roof.
1990 Yuba School registered as Michigan Historic Site No. L1745.
2003 Inventoried artifacts and stored boxes of books in Elk Rapids.
2009 Yuba Historic Society formed.
2010 Cornerstone Architects prepared project drawings.
2012 Asbestos was removed from the schoolhouse.
2013 Basement upgrade started.